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tiistai 22. marraskuuta 2011

Art from recycled materials

Typo­graphic art­work has been selec­ted and will be clearly marked with the ‘Eco Trail cer­ti­fied by Oliver Heath’ sticker.

Oliver said, “As a designer it is essen­tial that I’m pick­ing up on key trends and find­ing ways to express these in the designs that I cre­ate; keep­ing them feel­ing fresh, con­tem­por­ary and excit­ing. Often these trends encour­age con­sumer­ism for its own sake. How­ever what we are see­ing now is a lar­ger cul­tural shift brought on by the impact of global reces­sion; from a short-term way of think­ing about our lives, and what we buy, to a more con­sidered long-term approach. The good news is that many of these changes encour­age a more sus­tain­able way of thinking; from sav­ing energy and resources to buy­ing good qual­ity, well-made products or just think­ing about the life­cycle of the pieces that we buy.”

Here's some examples of latest typo­graphic art

And here's MY latest purchases. Beautiful art made of recirculation material

Nat­ural reclaimed mater­i­als. Check. Typo­graphy. Check. Hand­made. Check. Vin­tage feel. Check. Oh, so neat<3   ;0)