Dance like nobody's watching, love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening, live like it's heaven on earth. -Mark Twain-

lauantai 20. helmikuuta 2010

Bon Hiver

Oh the snow the beautiful snow filling the sky and earth below.
Over the house tops and over the streets, over the heads of people you meet.
Dancing flirting skimming along.
Oh the snow the beautiful snow how the flakes gather and laugh as they go.
Whirling about in their maddening fun it plays in its glee with everyone.
Chasing laughing hurrying by it lights on the face and sparkles the eye.
And even the dogs with a bark and a bound snap at the crystals that eddy around.
The town is alive and its heart in a glow to welcome the coming of beautiful snow.

Bon Hiver

keskiviikko 17. helmikuuta 2010

Light modern garden

I love old and rough..
But sometimes I experience something like this and it confuses me.

From Andy Sturgeon Garden Design

Magical Garden Swings

Nothing can beat a garden swing for total relaxation on a hot summer’s day. These dome swings from the sweetest fairy tales suits perfectly for my daughters Hello Kitty garden.
Their swings are mainly created using recycled copper which will patina with time.

from Fletcher & Myburgh of Hampshire

Hello Kitty House in Shanghai

Obviously meant for the fancy girls who adore the cute cuddly cat, check out this lovely Hello Kitty House (Villa) in Shanghai.

I'm honestly thinking if I’d be able to live fore more than one week inside... but I'm sure that my lovely 10 year old daughter would   :0)))

tiistai 16. helmikuuta 2010

Pool Sofa for lovely Ladies and Their Guests

Designed for ladies, the Fiore sofa certainly does not lack femininity. This amazing design comes from  a Swiss design company. It's created for outside decors, such as a garden, a pool, or the outside perimeter of a beach house, the couch is sun proof, meaning that the color will not go away in time.

Extremely versatile, you can see how it can be arranged for different situations and also for different numbers of people.

Hope you will have the best pool parties!

From B-alance

maanantai 15. helmikuuta 2010

Wall Hanging Fish Tank

What do you think about this fish tank aquarium ? I think that is really cute, small and you can hang it anywhere in your home, apartment, or office. They require no pump or filtration.

Now I have to consider the acquisition of this lovely thing   :0)))

The Nero Shelf

The Nero Shelf has an eye catching design that looks good, and is not just a simple shelve that can just hold things. The Nero shelf received the Swedish design award last year. It's gorgeous!!!

Nanni Holén

Decorative Panels, A Great Wallpaper Option

Beautiful wallpaper ideas, a lovely alternative for plain paint. There are many colors to chose from.

-Perfecto Ambiente-

Clothes Hanger

Jody Mattiol thought about combining this idea with design, and turned an Oscar Wild saying into an interesting decorative item. The “Genius Lasts Longer than Beauty” clothes hanger is really cool : a statement mixed with something practical, a thing to reflect about on your way to work.


Doilies Done Right

Can doilies be used in a “right” way?
The ideas below are examples of how these obsolete items can still be of great help when it comes to arranging one’s home.

Marian Duijvestijn

Tree Bed – Bring Nature in Your Home

This bed is specially made for those who love nature, and want a little “piece” of nature in their homes. Very romantic, just like a bed from fairy tales.

sunnuntai 7. helmikuuta 2010

Aurora Cooktop

Cooking can be our favorite thing to do whenever we want to relax and unwind.
It will not only fill our stomach, but will give us some feeling of achievement every time we do the cooking the right way and of course a delicious one.

In order to help us to the cooking the elegant and simple way, Electrolux have introduced their sleekly designed, illuminated induction cook top that is sculpted with Corian base. It has a four induction zone that can be separately controlled for a more precise and safe cooking results.

In addition, the look of the Electrolux is extremely elegant that will make every one loves to cook.

From : Electrolux

Cocoon Bed

The Reputation Cocoon comes with a fashionable and comfortable headboard with a large sized bed for you to comfortably relax after a hard days work.

Perfect to those who loves beauty and fashion packed in one item.

Truly a work of art, created for people who needs extra comfort and wanted to be elegantly relaxed.

From : Ruf-betten

Four-pole hammock

Soaking up the sun is one thing that people loves to do. Enjoy The Sun with This new 4-Pole Hammock.

This hammock will surely give you a rewarding experience while having fun under the sun.

The hammock is made of dried kiln, FSC certified solid eucalyptus, and was finished with an oil-based stain for superior moisture resistance. The fabric is thick, quilted polyester that defy both rain and sun. This is easy to rinse, so this is not going to be a problem anymore.

Good thing there are something as such as the four-pole hammock, which give us enough happiness and relaxation.

From : Pottery Barn

Wabi Sabi Bathroom Inspiration

Wabi Sabi celebrates the “mellow beauty that time and care impart to materials,” as eloquently explained by Soetsu Yanagi.

some of the items you already cherish in your home could be quantified as Wabi Sabi, as are natural materials that are available through the hand of Mother Nature.

This bathroom from Notebook Magazine is an idyllic example of Wabi Sabi, with its aged wooden floors and the prevalence of weathered natural elements.

Vintage treasures

I have the pleasure of sharing peeks into the home and vintage treasures of Jess, from The Homebound.
For inspiration on renovations, doses of clever humor, and fantastic chalkboard paint ideas, The Homebound is the place to be.
And any girl who includes a vintage shop in her wedding registry is a fantastic chica in my book! Perhaps the best way to introduce Jess would be to share some of my favorite spaces in her lovely historic house.

Pairing a chalkboard panel with a clawfoot bathtub is so unconventional, yet so lovely together. I can imagine beautiful love poems written on the chalkboard panel.

Jess’ ingenious ways with chalkboard paint is the perfect solution to a home office’s wall. If I had this wall, framed to-do list and calendar, I know I would be exponentially more effective.

Gama Issa House

Gama Issa is a modern sustainable house was designed by Marcio Kogan located in São Paulo, Brasil.
The house which despite the concrete block which forms the house has a transparency between the garden, the parallelogram pool that runs along the house, and the interior of the house. Natural day light and ventilation are available throughout the entire house.

The wall that faces the courtyard consists of a two-story wall of glass panels that slide away in a nesting fashion to open the inside entirely up to the courtyard. The upper and lower floors are connected by two enormous, floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

Natural daylighting and passive ventilation are accessible in virtually every area of the home.

 by Marcio Kogan

tiistai 2. helmikuuta 2010

floating home

Olen tänään miettinyt maatessani olohuoneen sohvalla, flussan kourissa, kesää ja aurinkoa, josta ajatus siirtyi jouhevasti auringonottoon, terassiin, saareen, veneilyyn....

Kun flunssaisessa ja räkäisessä päässäni kaikki nämä yhdistyivät, tuloksena oli nämä kelluvat kodit.
Nämä, Saksassa kelluvat kodit ovat upeita. Korkealaatuista ja ultramodernia suunnittelua, ihmisille, jotka etsivät seikkailun lisäksi tyyliä sekä tasoa. Ei enää vanhaa kuunaria laiturin vieressä, jossa entinen merenkäynti on sanellut kaiken, viimeistä sisustustyyliä myöten.
kyllä kelpaisi hienommassakin asussa kannella lekotella, drinksu kädessä.


Mutta etsin lisää, jotenkin minun ranskalainen makuni, rustiikkinen mieleni kaipaa jotain, "rosoa"
puuta, vanhaa, kierrätettyä, romanttista.

Ja löysinhän minä.... :0)

Ylempi koti on tehty, kuten kuvasta näkee, vanhan junanvaunun ympärille ja kyseisen junan hylyn aikaa romantisoiden. Me likey!!!!

Alempi kelluva koti on restauroitu kaikella, mitä omistaja on saanut haalittua...  esimerkiksi laivaveistämöltä, ystävien aitoista, kirpputoreilta, jopa kanalasta.... holvikaari löytyi kirkosta San Franciscosta.
Luovaa, Hauskaa!!!! Kodikasta!!