Dance like nobody's watching, love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening, live like it's heaven on earth. -Mark Twain-

sunnuntai 22. toukokuuta 2011

Sweet dreams


outdoor inspiration

Today’s post is inspired by the beautiful weather we are having here in Tuusula.

Here's some gorgeous outdoor areas.


Chair & table


keskiviikko 18. toukokuuta 2011

Space Planning for Open Floor Plan Living – on a budget

Small open floor plan living requires thoughtful space planning. Especially if you have a limited budget and
you want a functional, stylish and comfortable space. The home is modern and lively and shows that with some time, creative thinking and a little elbow grease you can attain the stylish contemporary home of your dreams.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Toll

lauantai 14. toukokuuta 2011

Resting Places

“Perhaps love is like a resting place,

a shelter from the storm,

it exists to give you comfort,

it is there to keep you warm,

and in those times of trouble,

when you are most alone,

the memory of love will bring you home.”

John Denver

The French like to live

Loving the grain sack cushions; the gold letters on black background; the faux bird and cage; vintage toys and industrial chair; touches of red on grey.

This is not flashy, not even that pricey, more a collection of articles that are loved for what they are, warts and all!


Provence chic

I just love these photos featured in a French magazine, of a beautiful house in Provence. Love the colours, the choice of materials, the blending in of antique furniture without feeling stilted. La belle vie!

Muslin curtains around the bed feel soft.

Wonderful enfilade here, with the blue grey of the farthest curtains echoed in the painting on the wall.

This rounded ceiling is typical of the position of an old bread oven. Here
they've used it cleverly to house kitchen cabinets and a delightfully irregular wall of plates.

What a bold bed, heavy draperies, silk cushions, opulence!

This picture being slightly out of focus seems to add to the
intimacy, and the gentle effect of the colours.

Another great enfilade, love the wooden mounting over the doorway.

photos marieclaire maison

Room of the month!


Rough and industrial loft

Lately I have been experiencing a bit of lack of inspiration, the reason why I haven't been blogging as frequently.

But today, my lovely readers, I do have something special to post. I found the images of this fantastic industrial loft in my archives and had to share them with all of you. I really love the loft look and especially a worn out and beaten up brick wall. It gives this place instant coolness, don't you think? I wish I knew where this place was so I could pack my bags and move in. Right now! Excellent place!!!


Sneak peak for April



Another intriguing composition......


via AD France

Saturday mix



No Colour Added

…only black, white, gold and wood

Images via Joseph Dirand Architecture.

Purple to Pink – Colour Inspiration

The caring pink derived from red and white, and the meditative purple mixed out of warm red and cool blue certainly add interest and that special vibe to a room.

Definitely beautiful, even I don't care much of pink