Dance like nobody's watching, love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening, live like it's heaven on earth. -Mark Twain-

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A quality sunroom is a fantastic addition to any home, with numerous aesthetic and financial benefits in the long run.
Sunrooms are extremely popular extensions and provide an excellent place for home owners and their families to relax, unwind and enjoy the outdoors whilst staying indoors.

Choosing to install a new sunroom really is an investment for your home.

Staircase decorating

The Deco Collections inspire us to embellish our home with flowery designs by inserting top-quality Kvadrat design fabric between plates of stratified tempered glass.

These delicate bouquets can apply to other items in the house, for example, verdant designs in pictures, decor and other delightful ideas that will brighten any home.


by Cast

Changing season.

What does fall look like to you? I always think of warm oranges and rich mocha colors, and décor full of branches, leaves and other signs of the changing weather. I like my home to smell like clove, cinnamon, and other scents that make me think of this changing season.


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Look at these soft and beautiful Perletta's carpets and cushions.

Love love love!

Perletta’s new identity was introduced in November 2009

Bedroom, the way they want it

Most kids love to decorate their room. Let your small ones be part of the process, so they really can feel that it is their room.

If you are aware of your child’s fear of the monsters under the bed, perhaps get a bed with storage draws under it, meaning that no scary monsters can hide there. :0)

Kids love bunk-beds, even if they will only use one of the beds, they might have a friend over on a sleepover.


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Working in the kitchen

Not everyone has an extra room for a “home office.”
Sometimes you have to get creative and double your living space as a work space.

Check out some of these very neat work spaces.


Falling Leaves

Little leaves fall softly down
Red and yellow, orange and brown
Whirling, twirling round and round
Falling softly to the ground
Little leaves fall softly down
To make a carpet on the ground.
Then, swish, the wind comes whistling by
And sends them dancing to the sky.


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Autumn Colors

Lets take a look at some seasonal colors of red, orange and yellow


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White tabletop accessories

Everyone knows that white never goes out of style, so why should your tabletop? Investing in classic white tableware and accessories is a must for the avid entertainer.

A white ceramic jar is one of the most multifunctional pieces you can buy for your tabletop -- it can hold flowers, cutlery, sugar, milk, etc.

This quilted cotton table runner is the perfect way to add some texture to a neutral tabletop. Plus, I love the French Country style it evokes.
Since soup comes in all shades and colours, you'll want to have a neutral tureen to complement any kind you serve up.

Is it over yet... Nooooooooo!

A fun patio party has a pretty basic formula: great company + fab weather. But if you want to heat things up a couple degrees, you need to set the scene with a few key summer essentials. Pretty outdoor decor, candlelight, music, food, wine or cocktails fit the bill. Here are some versatile finds that will help you create the perfect patio-party.

9 Drinks
Sangria. Without fail, it's the best summer party drink. And when you add edible flowers and different-shape ice cubes to the bowl, it becomes your centrepiece.

10 Back-to-nature decor
Simple, colourful decor, using whatever you happen to have on hand, as the way to go this summer.

11 Mood lighting:
Use hurricane lanterns, votives or twinkling string lights to create a winsome mood.
Ensure safety with path lights or landscape lighting along paths and near decks and patios.
12 Atmospheric essentials
Setting the mood at a summer party is pretty easy: strategic candlelight, music and a nice tabletop pretty much set the mood. The sultry weather, starlight and great company take care of the rest.

Summer drinks´

1 Watermelon cooler
Make this slushy drink to cool down on a hot summer day.

2 Blackberry smash
This refreshing summer cocktail combines mint, blackberries and whiskey to give it a cool kick.

3 Kiwi kiss
Lemon and the tart freshness of kiwi fruit come together in this refreshingly crisp cocktail.

4 Blush punch
This non-alcoholic summer drink combines pink lemonade and cranberry juice to give it a refreshing taste.

Amazing Door Design

Absolutely fantastic idea from Simpson doors, they are magnetic chalkboard doors. Write on them, stick magnets to them, let your kids have fun writing on your door. These would be especially nice for people who don't have a ton of room to work with and need to utilize every inch of their living space.

The minjjoo children’s door makes the little ones feel big. Via the small door children have access to their own room and their personal world…also, This door can be painted on!!!!!

HoHo.. The effect is to cool you have to admit. It is done by a talented artist from Argentina named Leandro Erlich.

Jei, A funny Ping Pong Door

The series of holes in the door can be opened and closed by sliding the knob; which adjusts the amount of light, air and noise between two rooms.