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torstai 2. syyskuuta 2010

Is it over yet... Nooooooooo!

A fun patio party has a pretty basic formula: great company + fab weather. But if you want to heat things up a couple degrees, you need to set the scene with a few key summer essentials. Pretty outdoor decor, candlelight, music, food, wine or cocktails fit the bill. Here are some versatile finds that will help you create the perfect patio-party.

9 Drinks
Sangria. Without fail, it's the best summer party drink. And when you add edible flowers and different-shape ice cubes to the bowl, it becomes your centrepiece.

10 Back-to-nature decor
Simple, colourful decor, using whatever you happen to have on hand, as the way to go this summer.

11 Mood lighting:
Use hurricane lanterns, votives or twinkling string lights to create a winsome mood.
Ensure safety with path lights or landscape lighting along paths and near decks and patios.
12 Atmospheric essentials
Setting the mood at a summer party is pretty easy: strategic candlelight, music and a nice tabletop pretty much set the mood. The sultry weather, starlight and great company take care of the rest.

Summer drinks´

1 Watermelon cooler
Make this slushy drink to cool down on a hot summer day.

2 Blackberry smash
This refreshing summer cocktail combines mint, blackberries and whiskey to give it a cool kick.

3 Kiwi kiss
Lemon and the tart freshness of kiwi fruit come together in this refreshingly crisp cocktail.

4 Blush punch
This non-alcoholic summer drink combines pink lemonade and cranberry juice to give it a refreshing taste.

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