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lauantai 27. maaliskuuta 2010

Shabby Chic

In the 1980s, designer Rachel Ashwell made the term “Shabby Chic” synonymous with her design sense and lifestyle based on the esthetics of beauty, comfort, and function.

My vision and philosophy of decor is like Rachel's; that nothing should be too precious. A child should feel free to put her feet on the sofa, a guest, his cup on the coffee table. I believe in cozy, not fussy; relaxed, not stiff.

The Shabby Chic Home is one of simple elegance and romance. Most pieces are meant to look as though they are old and worn and have perhaps been handed down for several generations.
They might perhaps be inherited pieces from relatives, or things gleaned from good yard sales and auctions. In this form of design, little imperfections, like a scratch on a cedar chest or dining room table are seen as bonuses instead of as tragedies.

Shabby Chic has the appeal of living the simple life and the comforts of home. It is a relaxed style of decorating that tells visitors: "Come in, put your feet up and relax here. This is a home where comfort is king." If you have children and animals, this is a great style for you. You are not concerned that they may damage furniture or stain rugs because this just adds to the well loved look you prefer.

My kind of style with beautiful and comfortable things that are also practical for the sticky fingers of children and other inevitable messes that a lived life leaves behind.

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