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perjantai 15. heinäkuuta 2011

More great photos of Paul Massey's gorgeous house

 Paul knocked two rooms into one and removed the hallway to create a large living room.

The all-white background in the living room “is just a starting point and a backdrop for other neutral tones”, says Paul.

In the bedroom, Paul is used an old galvanised bin as a bedside unit, while in the living room, an upturned crate creates an unusual side table. This gives his home a stylish, utilitarian feel.

True charm of Paul's place is down to his collection of characterful pieces from all manner of eras and locations.

Paul made the long table from trestles and some old scaffolding boards.

 The open-plan kitchen-diner originally consisted of a small kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, which Paul knocked together to make one big space.

From recovered old chairs to tables and lamps fashioned from lucky finds.

Paul had a carpenter make the kitchen cabinets from reclaimed floorboards.

The worktops, made from old lock gates, “were black when I got them”, says Paul. :0) 

A distressed metal drum takes the place of a bedside table.

The angular, hammam-style bathroom was designed by Paul and created using a tadelek, a traditional Moroccan plastering technique that he’d wanted to try for some time.

As part of the renovation, Paul converted the loft.

A Velux skylight fills the loft with light.

Last post of Paul Massey's house was in June. Check it out..

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