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maanantai 4. helmikuuta 2013

New dinner table

I bought a new dinner table. Well not new but new to me. I got it for cheap, and should get rid of the former dinner table. How can it be so difficult to sell one table..?! Over three hundred have seen it and still no offer    :(

Of the following important decisions. Tablecloth, table runner, nothing ... perhaps linen .. or lace?! Oh my God! Seat cushions, or even bear fleece. Life is full of tough decisions ....

This dinner table below is the one that I bought. It's handmade, a dark solid wood which have two drawers on the side, and eight chairs.

And I bought these two table runners and I like them but the Seat cushions are The big problem..

This is the former dinner table that I'm trying to sale, buy it out please! :)


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