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torstai 5. elokuuta 2010

Barn Converted into Spacious Modern Home

Hello. Nearly a week since I’ve written here. There’s been a lot of cleaning and sorting and preparation for the autumn… I’ve rid my house of 4 bags of old clothes to the UFF, again :0)
I’ve caught up with a few things, relaxed a bit – just what I needed, and now I’m ready to get back into the swing of the school term which starts next week.

If I could blink my eyes to magically transform my house….

I have inherited the desire to make things better and beautiful, but I'm not so good at it... my two brothers instead really have this gift! But I'm developing myself ;0)

I have always dreamed of living in an old barn or a byre in the countryside. I could transform it beautiful home for my family. Structures make beautiful and unique homes

Today, many people are coming to recognize the beauty of these historic structures and the possibility of living in a unique, historic building, surrounded by the hand work of pioneer craftsmen. Living in such a building cannot help but remind us of days long past when men and women led simpler lives in natural surroundings.


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