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tiistai 15. helmikuuta 2011

A French kitchen

These pictures evoke feelings of comfort and inviting happiness!!

A mix of old and new, farmhouse and formal often (not always) defines a French kitchen. Elegant neutrals may be well suited in an elegant Parisian kitchen.
Natural materials are an important element in walls, cabinetry and furniture that is used in the design of French country kitchens. Natural materials can be used on walls and beamed ceilings, and can be rough stained or painted plaster, or wood painted in natural colors. Floors can be made of stone or brick and covered with wool or cotton rugs. Bright colors are often seen in country tile, even cabinetry in a country setting, so elegant!
So, a French kitchen is also about the passion for cooking! Stone countertops, rustic beams maintain a sense of history and elements from nature add to the feeling of permanence.

The accessories serve as an important "layer" within a French kitchen.

Tres chic!

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