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torstai 11. lokakuuta 2012

Happy International Girls' Day 11.10.2012

It is just as valuable born a girl as the boy

In a peaceful developing countries, women are a constructive force. When a woman is studying and doing the work, together, side by side with a man, is of great importance for the development of society. Women's strong role in family and community to rise to a better future, shows especially in poorer countries.

When women have access to the bread aside, they take care of the whole family. When they learn to read and write, they puts their children, including their girls to school.

Girls' education is an effective way to combat hunger, excessive population growth,
diseases and violence. Women's small-credits and entrepreneurship have improved life in many families and villages.
Educated women are the resource which many countries have only recently discovered.

African proverb says, "When you help a woman, you help the entire village."

Happy Girls' Day! ♥    

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